Projec 1

Google Ads For Law Firm.

Project Description:
The project involves creating and managing a Google Ads PPC campaign for Gomma. The campaign will focus on driving traffic and conversions to Gomma’s website through targeted search, display, and remarketing ads.

Project Goals:
Increase website traffic
Improve website conversion rate
Increase sales and revenue

Scope of Work:

Campaign Set-Up
Create a Google Ads account and link to Gomma’s website
Conduct keyword research and analysis to identify relevant keywords and search terms
Develop ad groups based on keyword research
Create targeted ads for each ad group
Set-up conversion tracking and integrate with Google Analytics
Campaign Management
Monitor and adjust bids for each ad group based on performance data
Optimize ad copy and landing pages for maximum conversion rates
Monitor search terms and add negative keywords to reduce irrelevant clicks
Test and adjust ad targeting options, such as geographic and demographic targeting
Conduct A/B testing of ad copy and landing pages
Reporting and Analysis
Provide regular reports on campaign performance, including clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost per conversion
Analyze campaign data to identify areas for improvement and optimization
Make recommendations for campaign adjustments based on data analysis

Google Ads account set-up and integration with Google Analytics
Keyword research and ad group development
Ad copy creation and targeting options
Conversion tracking set-up and reporting
Regular campaign performance reports and data analysis
The project will be completed over a period of 1 months. Specific milestones and deadlines will be outlined in the project plan.

The project budget will be $10000 dollars per month, which includes ad spend and management fees. Any additional costs, such as graphic design or landing page development, will be outlined and agreed upon separately.


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